VW Racing Fans Support A NASCAR Series Entry

VW wants to make and sell more cars in the US, and in this need they have looked to Chattanooga, TN. News of the recently constructed automotive manufacturing plant has been posted by VW GoA (Volkswagen Group of The States). This new automobile production plant will manufacture a new VW automobile unique to the US market. Volkswagen’s investment into this facility is expected bring over one billion US dollars into the economy bringing over two thousand new jobs, and is expected to possess a one hundred and fifty thousand vehicle production capacity at this new plant. Production is currently expected to start in 2011 at this new American car plant. It’s been said that VW’s hope is to increase their US customers by three fold in the next 10 years.

The premier American motorsports is the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing Inc., better known as NASCAR is a prime target for VW as they look to expand their reach into the US automotive market. NASCAR is the number one spectator sport in the United States boasting more than the top twenty highest-attended sports occasions. This motorsports series is in addition rated as the second most watched regular-season sport on the TV. These races are broadcast in over 100 and fifty countries.

Volkswagen’s (VW) corporate headquarters are located in Wolfsburg. This company is probably one of the world’s leading car makers and is the largest automotive producer in all of Europe. VW Group, the parent company, is now holding 9 automotive lines from 7 various countries. These are VW, VW Commercial Vehicles, Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti, Scania and Lamborghini. Currently the company produces autos in 61 production plants in 16 countries including the new one in the United States of America. Producing cars from economical compact cars to high-end luxury class models; the VW Group has a large portfolio with different and wide-ranging experience throughout the automotive industry.

For Volkswagen racing fans who are wanting to get the car in their driveway into the NASCAR series, there have been numerous accounts of industry news, rumors all around and in-depth reporting of information regarding a formal announcement from VW. It’s expected this decision will come very soon. NASCAR and VW fans have a lot to say about this possibility, and most fans fully support another manufacture coming into the sport. Many are already wanting to see their VW on the track immediately. Have you ever wondered if VW fans could have an impact on VW’s decision to run in the NASCAR Series or Not? Some VW fans debate which brand the auto manufacturer will put on the track, and also speculate on which NASCAR teams they will approach in order to have qualified NASCAR drivers in the drivers seat? There are web sites and blogs now dedicated to reporting VW news and about about VW’s interest in the racing series. Sports fans who want NASCAR and a Volkswagen together are ready to collaborate with other fans about their own stories and why they these fans think such a move would be very good for sport and the car maker.

They’re a great many lasting fans who don’t like changing things up in their weekend leisure pursuit, but change has been the only constant in the NASCAR series the last few years. With economic woes from the Big Three American automotive makers, to the new guy, Toyota, coming into the mix… NASCAR has seen a lot of changes, even to the cars themselves with security and big design changes. The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series introduced a new fully redesigned car first introduced in 2009 and on the track full time 2010 called the Car Of Tomorrow (COT), but is now just the car on the track. Most fans understand more competition and another strong auto manufacturer would be good for the sport in general.