The Top Three Benefits of Choosing Creative Bus Sales for Used Bus Sales

Taking advantage of used bus sales is the ideal way to lower initial investments, while still being provided with a vehicle that has been restored to a like-new condition. When deciding on a place to purchase used bus sales it is important to ensure that they are a full spectrum service that provides more than just vehicles to buy. The ideal company offers financing, alternative fuel conversions and parts & services. When these additional services are provided the overall experience of buying a used bus for business is easy and seamless for the company.

The Top Three Services to Complement Bus Sales

1. Financing

It’s unreasonable to assume that anyone can buy a used vehicle out of pocket, especially when they are first starting out with their business venture. A bus sales service that provides financing is the key to getting the vehicle that the business needs, without making sacrifices or cutting corners.

An in-house program is best, as the company has the final say on approval and amounts for financing, not the bank. This combined with a fast and easy process and response can have new business owners leaving the lot with their dream vehicle on the same day.

2. Alternative Fuel Conversions

Many bus fleets have been converting from fuel sources like diesel or gasoline to compressed natural gas and liquid propane. A cleaner burning fuel source saves costs on fueling and minimizes the amount of times that the vehicle needs to be brought in for service and maintenance.

Alternative fuels are less expensive at the pump and these vehicles appeal to the general public more than their counterparts, which contribute to harm in the atmosphere and environment. Many businesses choose to have a conversion kit installed at the time of purchase to save costs later on.

3. Parts & Services

After developing a relationship with the bus sales business, it makes sense to return to the same company for parts & services. This eliminates the time and hassle that it takes to form new partnerships with auto body shops that specialize in bus maintenance and repairs.
The technicians on site will already know the vehicle well and will be able to obtain replacement parts and maintain the vehicle much better than a service that has never seen the vehicle before, and does not specialize in fleet-based trucks and buses.

Locate a bus repair service that has over 100, 000 parts in stock and hires bus service technicians specializing in servicing most of the major bus manufactures such as ElDorado National, Braun, Arboc, Ameritrans, Goshen Coach, Startrans, Starcraft Bus, Champion Bus, Turtle Top, Rockport, and Federal Coach.

Used Bus Sales in Arizona

Creative Bus Sales (formally Arizona Bus Sales) sells a wide variety of buses and provides a full spectrum of services to assist fleet managers with the purchase, financing and maintenance of their fleet vehicles. For more information about their products and services visit,