Realizing Some Of The Hidden Benefits Of Applying Garage Floor Finishes

If you have been researching garage floors, then I’m sure you know that when you add a finish of just about any kind to your flooring, it will protect the concrete garage floor, preventing stains from motor oils and pretty much any other chemicals. There are other benefits that are gained from a garage floor finish, too. If you are still up in the air about it, then read on.

Almost All Garage Floor Finishes Can Prevent Damage To Your Concrete

Besides just motor oil, there are other things that are damaging to garage flooring. Concrete that is left completely untreated, for instance, will usually crack. Most people do not know that any concrete’s durability relies heavily on a seal of some sort. Although an epoxy garage floor coating will certainly provide this seal, a garage floor covering of any type, even a rubber mat, will protect your concrete more than nothing at all.

Many Garage Floor Finishes Can Even Increase Your Comfort Level

Sometimes you’ll see features on the various garage floor coverings like “soft step,” or “anti-fatigue”. These are referring to you, the human element. Humans were not meant to walk around on concrete. We are, for the most part, best suited for grass and soil, which is much softer than your concrete garage floor could ever hope to be. Garage floor mats, tiles, and epoxy coatings add a bit of springiness to your floor, which will cut down on the jarring to your back and knees, especially if you do a lot of work in your garage. If you decide to go with one of the many garage floor coatings, be sure to check the features of the product before you purchase if you want a softer step, as not all of them offer this. The best thing on your body, especially if you do a lot of laying down under vehicles, would be a garage floor mat that is made for this purpose on top of whatever coating or covering you choose.

Garage Floor Finishes Can Also Improve Your Lighting

No, we’re not talking about a glowing floor, though that would certainly be interesting. Regular old gray concrete is not at all good at reflecting light, and that’s a very good thing. Can you imagine the difficulty driving in the daytime on a road that reflected the light at you? However, in a garage, light being reflected instead of absorbed is a very good thing since it will brighten the entire room, making it easier to see things. If the plan is to work in your garage often, especially at night, make sure that your garage floor finish is designed to reflect and not absorb light. Black garage floor paint will obviously not help reflect light as well as silver garage floor tiles, for example.

A Garage Floor Finish Might Even Improve Your Mood

I know, I know. Really, though, is it that hard to believe? Take, for instance a shiny new car, and compare it sitting on drab gray concrete compared to sleek garage flooring. I’m not big on statistics, but I would think if you polled people, gray would be one of the more depressing colors out there. There are also studies coming out all of the time that talk about color affecting our psyche, and that usually only covers solid colors. Even patterns can be exciting. For car racing fans, working on a checkerboard garage floor tile would be exciting compared to anything plain. Working on cars can be really frustrating. Why not let your garage floor help cheer you up?