G-Tek Gloves: For A Myriad Range Of Jobs

If you are seriously on the lookout for gloves that offer you maximum protection against the most dangerous of jobs, then you must invest in the G-Tek gloves. They come in absolutely light weight and also make them the perfect choice for work safety. These gloves keep the hands cool and dry as well and make the wearer feel absolutely comfortable. These gloves come in with micro foam nitrile coating which is the main reason for the kind of grip that is got. It also offers a lot of dexterity and grip too to the wearer and hence can very soon win over the hearts of the wearer.

The G-Tek gloves are found to be used in all those applications which require greater sensitivity and greater dexterity and also in chores where firm grip plays a pivotal role. These gloves are found to be ideal especially when the wearer has to handle oily components and parts that are small. They are found to be ideal in handling automotive components, micro-engineering, machining, general assembly, horticulture, painting and maintenance. The G-Tek gloves are found to be the most super light as well as breathable gloves that are available in the market. They are treated in order to repel water as well as light oil too.

Supply Line Direct is an online store that offers a myriad range of Hyflex gloves and G-Tek gloves too for the shopper to choose from and place his order. Here are the different types of gloves that are available at the stores.

>> Disposable: These gloves are ideal to get a guard against chemicals, contamination, and infection with disposable nitrile, latex or vinyl gloves.

>> Chemical resistant gloves: These gloves offer great protection against dangerous caustics, acids, oils, solvents and also come in with lined or unlined chemical resistant material.

>> Cut resistant: These gloves are found to be ideal when the person has to handle glass regularly. In addition to that he also needs to handle sheet metal, bottles and different kind of sharp materials too. These are the most preferred ones because they are abrasion resistant and cut resistant.

>> Knit gloves: These gloves come in with great flexibility, breathability, good gripping, comfort and dexterity. These are found to be ideal for general use.

>> Electrical safety: These gloves are found to be in great demand because they offer maximum protection while the worker is working with equipment that is highly energized. These gloves meet OSHA requirements and also guard the wearers against burns and shocks.

>> Leather gloves: These gloves are largely employed in construction, industries and farms too and also are found to be the basic necessity in a wide range of jobs.

The Hyflex gloves are so popular because they are famous for reducing the hand fatigue and also offering greatest comfort. The latest catch point with these gloves is that it also has the ability to release stress in the knuckles area owing to the patented Zonz Knit technology. It is this innovative and forward technology that helps in overcoming the hand fatigue. Workers who need to work with oily applications and also who need handling finesse will greatly benefit from the improved comfort that comes through these gloves.