Car Buying Advice: Learning To Buy Cheaply Is Fun And Worth It

Before going down to the nearest car dealer to buy your new car it pays to find out whether there are in fact any better options that can help you get a better deal. The simplest car buying advice for you is that if you buy from a dealer you would end up having to pay the complete dealer price while also having to make do with fewer extras that are often only added to the deal to entice you to buy the car from the dealer.

What’s The Value After Two Years?

It also pays to heed simple car buying advice in regard to how much value will remain after having used your car for just two years. In most cases, a two year old car will depreciate by about forty percent of the value of the new model. What’s more, if the car is about five years old it will have depreciated by sixty-five percent (approximately.) So, the best car buying advice is to think about how you can avoid having to lose value on account of such depreciation.

Many experts actually advice that is far better to go in for a car that is already between three and five years old as this ensures that you do not lose that forty – sixty-five percent by way of depreciation because the value at which you buy the car will already be that forty to sixty-five percent lower than the new value. This means that sound car buying advice demands that you shop only for a used car and not a new one.

Another piece of excellent car buying advice is that it pays to visit car auctions for the purchase of your new vehicle. In fact, with online car auctions also a reality you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home to buy a car. These car auctions work in a simple manner and involve the selling of repossessed vehicles, ex government vehicles and dealers wishing to get rid of their old stock.

Such an option provides you with a great way of picking up a good vehicle for a lower cost. Furthermore, the people that offer such expert car buying advice will show you that when you visit a dealer and buy a car from them you will have to pay the dealership price; on the other hand, when shopping for your vehicle from a car auction you get to pay wholesale prices which means that you get to save considerable sums of money.

You can search for car auctions over the internet or you can head to local car auctions and look for a bargain purchase. The best part about taking this car buying advice is that when you purchase your vehicle from a car auction you get guarantees against any kind of misrepresentation which means that in case you bought your car from an online car auction and after it was shipped and delivered to you and you inspected and found the vehicle to be not the same as was advertised you are entitled to get a complete refund.

This same facility is also available at local vehicle auctions which mean that you are allowed to take the vehicle for a test drive only after having won the bid. In case, you are dissatisfied with the performance of the car you can retract your bid and get a refund.

The bottom line to taking such car buying advice is that you can use these methods to buy a cheap vehicle and avoid the problem of losing value on your car on account of depreciation. It only requires that you research the different sources so that you get more variety of options and so can affect even more savings in money.