Brig-Ayd Controls Ltd – sophisticated wheelchair hoists

If you’re a wheelchair user yourself, or if you have friends or family members who require a wheelchair, you’ll no doubt already be well aware of the inconvenience that arises whenever you want to go anywhere. Struggling to get the wheelchair into the car you end up late and covered in bruises. Thankfully, wheelchair hoists are now available to help facilitate an easy and hassle free trip out.

Specialising in a number of wheelchair hoists, Brig-Ayd Controls Ltd are a company who pride themselves on their quality wheelchair hoists and products that all their customers to safely and efficiently enjoy the freedom of their automotive transport without the need to be dependent on others.

With a selection of wheelchair hoists for a number of different sizes and weights of wheelchair, it’s important to make sure you get the right size wheelchair hoists.

Ideal for manual wheelchairs, the 40kg wheelchair hoists from Brig-Ayd Controls Ltd are great, compact wheelchair hoists. With the arm and boom folding down when the hoist isn’t in use, the innovative interlock system ensures than the hoist is locked into position before it can be operated. With careful attention to detail, Brig-Ard Controls Ltd have put a lot of work into these wheelchair hoists, striving to provide a system that can be used with just one hand.

More sophisticated wheelchair hoists are the 150kg hoists. Available for power chairs and scooters these wheelchair hoists are able to be fitted in estate cars, MPVs, 4×4 and some hatchbacks. Easily removed and fitted, these hoists feature an economic construction.

To find out more about the wheelchair hoists from Brig-Ayd Controls Ltd, visit them online today and ensure that the next time you’re out and about getting that heavy and awkward-to-lift wheelchair into the back of the car won’t be an issue.