Automotive Technician Apprenticeships Helps You Get Placement

In today’s competitive job market, employers are seeking to hire graduates that are highly specialized and well trained. You can’t afford to waste your time with an education that won’t help you get the job you want. At Centennial College, all our programs are geared for success.

As part of your automotive service technician apprenticeship program, you will not only learn how to use the latest cutting edge tools, but you will also learn how to apply the latest principles from business professionals. To compliment your classroom learning, you will also get hands-on experience in the labs.

Centennial’s staff not only believes in providing students with the best teaching experience possible, but also to offer the best guidance and career advice.

Program Overview

New Canadians who want to start apprenticeship training but may have trouble finding a sponsoring employer have a new path to their career goals. Centennial College offers its Automotive Service Technicians Pre-Apprenticeship training program at no cost to people who want to work in the automotive trades.

In 2008, the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities also selected Centennial to offer the Pre-Apprenticeship program in Truck and Coach Technician.

Centennial will help students arrange a 12-week job placement working in the related repair garage, car dealership, or truck operation. Apprenticeship is a major employment growth area due to the large number of skilled workers who are set to retire. The government is offering significant tax credits, scholarships and signing bonuses to encourage more hiring of apprentices for skills training.

Graduates will receive credit for Truck and Coach Technician Level 1 or Automotive Service Technician Level 1, which exempts them from some classes in the traditional apprenticeship program.

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for this program you must be currently employed as an apprentice.

You cannot apply directly to the college or for admission to this apprenticeship program. For general information about apprenticeship registration, please contact the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities:

Adjustments Branch: 416-326-5800
Metro East: 905-837-7721
Metro West: 905-279-7333


An OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) or equivalent is required for all apprenticeship programs