Automotive Repair Done Right!

If you’ve taken your vehicle to an auto shop for automotive repair in the past, you may have paid for repairs that really didn’t need fixing. How do you know what’s wrong when all of a sudden your car won’t start? Was the automotive service performed on a trial-and-error basis? The key to receiving the best automotive repair possible is to have the problem correctly diagnosed.

You can eliminate unnecessary costs by helping your auto repair technician know which area of your vehicle to begin the search. As a responsible vehicle owner, here are two simple tips that will narrow the various possibilities of certain problems:

> Know your vehicle – Pay attention to what you see, hear, and feel with what’s happening with your vehicle. If you know your vehicle, you will notice when something doesn’t feel or sound right.
> Jot it down – Make written notes of the things you noticed so that you can describe the symptoms in concise terms to your mechanic. This will help narrow the search area.

There are some systems and components of your vehicle that are common problem areas. Pay special attention to them:

> brakes (worn out pads, drums, or rotors),
> no-starts (bad battery, starter, fuel filter, etc)
> suspension (failing shocks and axles, lost alignment or balancing)
> strange noises and smells (rattles, ticks, grind, and crunches, hot burning smell)
> dashboard warning lights (check engine light flickers, or stays on)
> transmission (this typically involves major engine repair)
> muffler and exhaust system (loss of power, smoke from the muffler, toxic fumes)
> A/C system/heating unit (air coming into the vehicle stays too warm or too cold)
> electrical system (bad spark plugs, combustion problems)

Noteworthy Tip: You will be able to keep your money in the bank, plus save time for other activities by helping your mechanic make the correct diagnosis and provide you with automotive repair done right the first time!

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